Top 7 Holistic-Health Benefits of Honey

The health benefits of honey are tremendous, which makes it a crucial ingredient of the non-conventional medicine. All over the planet, honey is traditionally used to treat many health problems and to prevent others. Even today, more researches are in progress to include honey in the modern medicine, especially when it comes to healing wounds and burns.

Historically speaking, honey is the oldest sweetener on planet earth. Every civilization used it in a way or another, whether for its health benefits, as a beauty ally or just to make food more enjoyable. That being said, the question remains – what makes honey, very used and important? – But before answering this question and start talking about the health benefits of honey, let first mention the great nutrition facts of honey and how to make the difference between fake and original honey.

What you will learn:

1. Nutrition Facts of Honey

2. How to make the difference between real and fake honey

3. Health Benefits of honey

Nutrition Facts of Honey

Honey is much more than just a sweetener. It is rich in minerals and nutrients, it also has some antibiotic properties which help in the healing process.

Health Benefits of Honey
Nutrition Facts of Honey
  • One tablespoon of honey contains about 64 calories.
  • The sugar in honey is gradually absorbed into the bloodstream because it has a healthy glycemic index.
  • The natural minerals and vitamins in honey help controlling cholesterol and fight obesity.

Fake Or Real Honey. How To Make The Difference?

Fake Or Real Honey
Fake Or Real Honey. How To Make The Difference?

Some people think that all types of honey available in the market is organic and natural which is absolutely wrong. Certain commercial honey out there is just processed the sugar that tastes like honey, in this regard the next set of tips will help you to make the difference between fake and natural honey.

  •  Check the label, if it includes anything else rather than just honey, you would better avoid it.
  •  Original honey crystallizes over time, but, on the other hand, the fake honey stays pourable forever.
  •  Pour a little of honey in a small glass of water. If it dissolves right away, it is fake.
  •  Drop some honey on a  sandy ground, if it doesn’t spread all over, then it is real.

7 Vital Health  Benefits of Honey

1- Boosts The Immune System

Honey is considered as a powerful Immune system builder. Most ancient civilizations used it to prevent certain diseases and as a remedy for others, because of its antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties which help fight infections from viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

2- Increases Athletic Performance

A recent study showed that honey is a great energy booster, since it helps maintaining the sugar level in blood, glycogen restoration, and muscle recovery after working out.

3- Heals Wounds and Burns

To put honey directly on the skin has been shown  to be as effective as modern treatment with silver sulfadiazine.

4- Helps To Lose weight

Honey consumed with warm water helps to digest the fat stored in the body. Even though, it contains more calories than sugar. In the same way, drinking honey and lemon juice could help fighting the extra weight, since honey is packed with over 22 amino acids and numerous minerals and vitamins, which could help the metabolism by utilizing food more properly.

5- Relieves Seasonal Allergies

Honey has anti-inflammatory properties and is known to treat allergies. Experts mentioned in recent researches that honey works as a good treatment to fight reactions because it contains only tiny traces of flower pollen and is exposed to small amounts of allergens.

6- Treats fever symptoms

Eating organic honey helps to boost the immune system as we said before. The big news is it can also reduce fever symptoms, because  of the small amount of pollen, which helps the body build tolerance for this kind of reactions.

7- Assists the Digestive Process

The laxative properties of honey help fighting bloating and constipation. Being rich in friendly bacteria, honey acts as a probiotic and assists the digesting process. Similarly, honey treats ulcers effectively.


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