9 Amazing Coconut Water Benefits You didn’t Know About

Coconut water benefits are tremendous. It is considered as a great thirst quencher and can replace most of your regular sugar-sweetened drinks, because of its rich nutritional facts. This pure liquid is packed with ingredients which can effectively and naturally enhance your overall health. One of those benefits is that coconut water and the human blood structure are similar. Hence, it was used for so long in war conflicts to save lives as a replacement of blood.

Furthermore, coconut water is packed with antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, B-complex, vitamins and very rich in minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and zinc. Plus, the plant hormones called Cytokinins in this healthy drink promote anti-aging properties and anti-thrombotic effects.

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As a consequence, we decided today to talk to you about those other amazing benefits you can get from drinking this liquid. Read on to discover 9 coconut water benefits you probably didn’t know about:

1. Aids in weight loss

The nutrients-rich nature of coconut water makes it a great way to suppress the appetite and makes you feel full. In addition the sugar content in coconut water is very low, as a consequence big quantities can be consumed without the fear of packing fat immediately.

2. Replaces sport drinks

Coconut water is a great replacement to sports drinks. It has more healthy ingredients and no harmful substances like most pre/post workouts. A recent study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise shows that coconut water replenishes body fluids similarly to sports drinks and better than water but the athletes preferred the taste of the sports drinks. therefore, as long as you enjoy the taste of coconut water, go for it.

This video by Global Healing Center explains in more details why coconut water is better than sport drinks:

3. Helps with skin problems

Coconut water, as coconut oil; is a great natural beauty ally. Regular application of coconut water can help clearing up and subsequently tone the skin. Furthermore, it can be used as a skin moisturizer and eliminates large amounts of oil, if ingested orally. This explains why the most effective natural beauty products today have traces of coconut extract.

4. Provides antioxidants

Antioxidants are very important to our bodies. They help prevent the damage caused by free radicals, which are basically produced by our own metabolism. There is no other way to stop the damage, apart from consuming enough ingredients that have antioxidants. And coconut water has great antioxidants properties, which makes it one of the best foods to include to your diet.

5. Lowers blood pressure

Coconut water is rich in vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium, which makes it good for controlling high blood pressure. Potassium, in particular, can balance the negative effects of sodium, thus lower blood pressure. Try to drink 2 cups of coconut water a day, if you suffer from a high blood-pressure. It will help you deal with this health condition effectively.

6. Facilitates digestion

Coconut water may provide an excellent source of relief to your digestion difficulties. It also aids in the prevention of indigestion and reduces the occurrence of acid reflux, because of its high concentration of fibers.

7. Boosts energy levels

Magnesium is a very important nutrient. According to recent studies, only 32% of people consume enough magnesium. Magnesium deficiencies can cause low energy levels and may even lead to serious health problems like diabetes and asthma. The good news is that a serving of coconut water can take care of up to 14% of your daily magnesium needs.

8. Backs up brain functions

Potassium is another vital mineral in our bodies. We need it so that our brains and nervous system can function properly. Coconut water is a great provider of potassium. One serving can cover about 13% of our daily needs.

9. Stops hangover

If you drink more alcohol than you should have during a night, you will wake up the next day with headaches. Therefore, next time, you go too far with drinking remember that coconut water can play a great role of “savior”, in order to help you stop hangover and get rid of a headache.


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