6 Amazing Tips To Maintain Weight During Holidays

Maintaining weight during the holidays is simple but not easy, because it’s a period of the year mostly associated with unhealthy eating. Most people prefer to celebrate Christmas with family, which makes them lose control of their diet plans. And that’s exactly why people gain more weight.

Relax! Cheating on this period is allowed, after all it is the holidays. We should break our daily routine to have some rest for starting the new year more motivated and determined. But this is not an excuse to eat with no boundaries, though.

If you are one of those who can not resist aunt’s delicious cakes, Grandma’s Pies or dish of chocolate truffles in every table during the holidays, this article is for you. It will certainly help you to indulge without the Bulge during this holidays.

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1 – Stay realistic to maintain weight during holidays

Trying to lose weight or gaining muscle during this period is like swimming against the tide. It is not impossible, yet if you fail you will go 100 steps back. Ergo, the best you can do all along this period is to focus on keeping your current weight.

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2 – Eat more

Maintain weight during holidays

You may say : “am I reading right?” yes don’t worry, you don’t have vision problems. But don’t get me wrong, I’m talking here about healthy eating. If you can fill in your stomach with the right food, you will not only benefit from the healthy nutrients, but also you will feel satisfied so much so that you skip the unhealthy snacks.

3 – Go easy on alcohol to indulge without the Bulge

Although, you follow a strict diet during the holidays,  you may lose your fitness achievements. Most people forget about the extra calories that a beer or a glass or wine contains. Therefore, they go wild when it comes to alcohol consumption, which is one of the major factors that makes people fail to maintain weight during holidays.

4 – Practice healthy Cooking

Maintain Weight During Holidays
Practice healthy Cooking

Come on! you were always waiting for some free time to learn and practice some healthy cooking. This holiday is the perfect moment. Don’t lose your motivation, write down at least 3 meals you want to learn and start practicing them. By doing this you are not only preventing the unhealthy snacks, but you are also making some progress toward your dream to become a healthy person.

5 – Take a Break from the gym

Take a Break from the gym
Take a Break from the gym

Don’t try to force yourself to go out and workout. It may make you even more stressed and confused. Which is bad for your health. And thinking about getting a gym membership during holidays is even a worse idea. because with the unhealthy snacks you will not be able to see some progress, which will make you lose your motivation. Yet don’t make the nap your best friend, stay active, walk more and do some cardio if you can.

6 – Sleep properly to avoid gaining weight

Sleep properly to avoid gaining weight

People who tend to sleep less during the holidays, become heavier. By missing a few hours of sleep each night over a week, your body releases hormones that prompt eating and weight gain. So try to sleep more properly and catch up during the week ends. 

With everything being said, now you know that it is easier said than done. If you went wild during this period and gain extra-weight which you are ashamed of, or if you struggled for so long to melt fat on your body with no results and you decided to do something about it this new year, no worries.

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