Easy and Quick Weight Loss Plan for This Summer

Summer is around the corner and it’s no longer possible to cover up the extra pounds with a sweater. Most people try to lose weight in this period and get the beach body they want. The problem is there are too many programs and tips for weight loss out there. Some are good, others are not and some may even have the complete opposite impact on your body. Certain Heavy diets and training programs will make your body demand more food, which will sooner or later make you cheat and eat things that  are not healthy enough to replace what it is lacking.

Most people don’t have time to try every single weight loss plan and discover by themselves what works best for them. As a matter of fact, today I decided to write about an effective and quick weight loss plan that will help you lose fat properly for this summer. Keep reading to discover how easy losing weight can be with this 7 step weight loss plan.

1. Stay realistic and optimize your goals

One of the most common mistakes that people make during this period of time is that they dream big. Small waist, six pack, rounded butt for women, and shredded arms for men. I’m not saying here that those things are not achievable, you just have to know that in order to reach some of your goals you will need more time. Therefore, don’t pressure yourself. You are in competition with no one but yourself. Set your goals wisely, and try to improve step by step.

2. Eat less crabs and consume more healthy fatty acids

Less carbs, more healthy fatty acids
Less carbs, more healthy fatty acids

I believe that we should all adopt this tip the whole year around and not only to lose weight for summer. Carbs, and especially the processed ones; are very bad for your health. I’m not even talking here from a weight-loss perspective.

Processed sugar can cause many health conditions that can be very hard to treat, and being over-weight is just the tip of the iceberg. That is why switching to a low carb diet is a must. On the other hand, Fatty acids will help your body burn fat easily which is the complete opposite of what we have been taught for decades. Many research concluded that consuming fat helps you in many ways to lose weight.

This article by bodybuilding.com will help you understand the conceptEAT FAT TO BURN MORE FAT!

3. Balance cardio and weight training

Cardio, if done well; is a great way to lose weight. Yet, in most of the cases cardio alone won’t do it all. Planning to do only cardio for weight loss is one of the most common mistakes most people make as we mentioned in our article: 5 Reasons why you are not Losing Weight

Most fitness experts suggest working out your muscles at least 3 times a week in addition to your cardio routine. This will not only shape your body and make it stronger, but also will tremendously increase your chances of losing weight.

Here Flavia Del Monte is sharing her inspirational story and tips about weight training and cardio. Check out the video bellow:

4. Ditch the soda and replace it with healthy drinks

Yes, the heat is real. Yes, a cold cup of soda is irresistible. But, losing weight requires discipline and determination. Soda and even the diet one; is the worse thing you can provide your body with if you are embracing a weight loss plan. Soda is full of empty calories in the form of processed sugar. The diet versions contain unhealthy chemicals that will harm your body in a way or another.

5. Adopt a healthy eating pattern

Adopting a healthy eating pattern is a crucial element of this weight loss plan. I’m not even talking here about the quality of food you eat, but rather about the way and the time you eat your food. In general most people fail at this part. The way we approach our foods affect our digestive system, which can speed up or slow the metabolism process.

6. Don’t skip meals and especially breakfast

Skipping meals will make your metabolism slow down, which will not help you burn fat the way you want. Your body will make the conclusion that you are hungry so when you eat again, it will store away more than it should resulting in more fat. In the same way, skipping the most important meal of the day will not help you lose weight. In addition, it will make you feel tired and in a bad mood which for sure will make you crave later in the day.

This brief lecture by Crystal Broussard shows the importance of breakfast:

7. Drop the extra pounds while having fun

Have fun while losing weight
Have fun while losing weight

Cardio sucks. We all know it and we all get lazy when we have to do it. If  like me; you are not a cardio person, this summer is your time to shine on another activity. There are many fun things you can start doing this summer that will help you lose weight. Swimming, hiking, playing basketball or doing yoga are amazing examples. You just have to find the proper one for you, which will help you tremendously drop the extra pounds while having fun, because after all working out is not only about losing weight, it is also about switching your mindset to a more positive attitude.

After learning about all this, you have no excuse to not give this simple and very effective weight loss plan a try this upcoming summer. You will be surely surprised with your new shaped body that you will get from it.

We would like to hear from you. Tell us your story. What are the things that are curbing your progress toward getting the beach body you are seeking for? Share with us your questions and concerns. 

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